As an award winning creative digital marketing agency Blue Orange UK gives you access to thousands of online customers every day using our global media network.  We help SME’s and big brands reach their audience faster and more effectively by providing a digital marketing strategy that is personalised, engaging and highly targeted.  A strategy that delivers more sustainable growth,  A strategy with an original advertising idea and compelling content that connects with your customer to get your brand chosen first.

We have extensive digital experience in various market segments including fashion apparel, FMCG beauty and skincare, e-commerce, new tech and apps, SaaS Software, fintech cryptocurrency, video games and igaming.  This experience enables us to implement digital marketing campaigns that perform better and deliver more for our clients.

Our Creative Portfolio.

Digital Trends are important to know and understand.  They help us to develop better digital marketing campaigns for clients.  New Trends in 2021 include the growth of E-Commerce Shopping on Social Media, with over 70% of new products now getting discovered on Facebook and Instagram.   Immersive technology such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are also gradually rising to popularity in the digital marketing world.  Video marketing will continue to be one of the most important strategies and has already proven its calibre in the past few year.  We have probably seen and shared more video content than ever before.   Google is going to introduce smart bidding on their PPC ads to get maximum returns out of every conversion.  Social messaging apps are already being largely used to promote products and respond to customer queries.    Voice search is now highly popular among users with almost 50% of all searches through voice.  

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